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​Christine, born and raised in Los Angeles CA, was a happy child with boundless energy.  When she didn’t meet certain developmental milestones at age 4, she went to see a psychologist who diagnosed her as autistic.  She was enrolled in a special education preschool class and attended the Early Childhood Partial Hospitalization Program at UCLA.  Intensive speech, social skills, occupational and educational therapies followed and Christine was able to mainstream in first grade.   Her family moved to the South Bay area of Los Angeles when she was in middle school. Through behavioral therapy, Christine began to understand her feelings and find ways to manage her stress and anxiety.  Christine graduated high school with honors and attended El Camino College.  She graduated from El Camino College in 2013 and has transferred to Loyola Marymount University where she is majoring in psychology.  Her aspiration is to be a behavioral therapist working with other autistic individuals.  Christine is a self advocate and has spoken about her experiences with various groups including the Manhattan Beach Unified School District, the FRED conference and US Autism and Asperger Association.  Other hobbies include writing, horseback riding and drawing.  ​

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Christine Motokane

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Working the Double Shift

A Young Woman's Journey with Autism

​by Christine Motokane

"Working the Double Shift" is a raw, honest autobiography by a young woman with autism.  Feeling that the current books on autism lacked helpful information to her and others on the autism spectrum, Christine decided to write a memoir covering different topics.  The book covers her journey from birth to college and chronicles the emotional process of a person with autism. By sharing her journey, she has learned to find her voice and path in life. Christine writes about interventions and approaches that have worked for her.  This memoir also brings awareness to social issues regarding autism and adulthood. Click here for an article in The Beach Reporter about Christine and her book.